Big Dreams

"Big dreams have a way of changing everything.  They spring from the soul unannounced."
- Kobi Yamada

Welcome to the official launch of Pearberry Bows & Accessories... a brand new business spawned from a big time dream.  A dream I finally took into motion... on a whim... and without pausing to reconsider.  I welcome you to follow me, encourage me, and support me while I make a dream come true!

A few things to get you started:
Pearberry Bows & Accessories carries all things girly- tutus, bows, headbands, and hats!  We offer the newest trends at affordable prices.  We are always working to develop our inventory in order to provide merchandise that customers want. As a result, we strongly encourage suggestions and ideas! 

To place an order, ask a question, or make a comment simply email pear.berry@hotmail.com or call 361-288-6008.

Pearberry accepts PayPal, Cash, or Check.

Current Special: FREE Shipping and/or Delivery for orders over $10.

Click the "Merchandise" page for products currently available!

Thanks for visiting Pearberry Bows & Accessories... come back soon! 

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